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Working from home- what else? 20/05/2020

Posted by chrisdshaw in COVID19.

My employer, a multi-national media and technology company, has announced that all employees will be continuing to work from home until 1st October. The UK Government expects my five year old daughter to return to school on 1st June. She in Reception, a year group that does not go to school in the USA and a number of European schools, among others. What is the disconnect?

From my understanding, unless schools reopen most of the economy cannot restart as parents are unable to return to work. I am one of the fortunate white collar workers whose tech-friendly companies is able to reorientate its workforce seamlessly to work from home with no tangible loss of service. From my experience I have first world problems- fewer new business opportunities, aiming to “make” rather than “smash” targets, hoping life will be OK in 2020, before planning for an exciting 2021 of new business opportunities for tech innovation. I know I’m in a small minority of the lucky. This pandemic is still an incomprehensible economy and life wrecker. At this time we really don’t know the consequences.

In the meantime the UK Government insists all is good if only the “moaning minnys” stopped their noise. All countries are suffering and still dealing with it with the seriousness it deserves. The notable exceptions are the ones whose infection rates are the worst- Brazil, Russia, the UK and the US- all of whom have leaders are strikingly similar in their approach to expertise and idea of the greater good.

We received an email from our Infant School Head Teacher to ask about our intentions about sending our youngest daughter to school. The tone was desperate- they were obviously in no way able to handle a return for all children recommended by the Government (Reception and Year 1), 120 out of the usual 180 children but trying to implement impossible social distancing levels. They have been given very little guidance by the Government. It looks like this plan is already falling apart. Liverpool, Manchester and other local authorities in the north of England have announced they will not authorise a restart of school, not to mention Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales who have separate policies. A botched reopening will not bode well for trust in government at at a crucial time.

My daughters will stay at home for the rest of the term. I’m staying home for the rest of the year. We’re alright Jack. The rest of the country?  Not so much. The Government is not protecting them- its first and most important responsibility. The psychopaths grifters in charge are doing the one thing they know what to do- looking after themselves. We will hold them and the individuals until justice is served, if it kills us. The darkest hour precedes the dawn.


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