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Daily Feeds 30/11/2009

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We must get ready for a weak-dollar world (FT)

Dubai World’s debt not guaranteed by government (Bloomberg)

Greece and expect no gifts from Brussels (Wolfgang Munchau, FT)

An empire at risk (Niall Ferguson, Newsweek)

The future of entertainment: middle class struggle (The Economist)

Every man an anchor on the goodship Palin (Julian Sanchez)


Daily Feeds 26/11/2009

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Dubai default fears spook investors (FT)

Inequality in Britain is of developing world level (Daily Telegraph)

China sets carbon target for 2020 (FT)

Can the eurozone survive economic recovery? (Martin Feldstein)



Daily Feeds 25/11/2009

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Gold Rises to Record on Dollar Drop, Report India May Buy More (Bloomberg)

Revised GDP shows UK still in recession (FT)

Give us fiscal austerity, but not quite yet (Martin Wolf, FT)

Fed says to market, “sell dollars”– David Bloom (CNBC)

Consumer Spending in US Rises more than Forecast (Bloomberg)