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Johnson back in No 10 27/04/2020

Posted by chrisdshaw in COVID19, Domestic Politics.
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Three weeks since the last post in which Boris Johnson was admitted to Intensive Care with COVID 19. It was a deeply unsettling moment. We are now in a new normal. Anything becomes normal given time. The Government has consistently failed to show transparency in its strategy, responsibility in (the many) problems that have arisen in managing the crisis, and trustworthiness. Dominic  Cummings’ return to No 10 has been felt with the BBC being whipped into line, and a capitalisation of Johnson’s illness. The coming tsunami of blame and anger is being carefully diverted to scientists and the Heath Secretary Matt Hancock, and the knawing, exhausting dread, synonymous with Brexit has returned. Classic Dom.

Is the public buying it? Polls over the last few weeks have shown solid support for the Conservatives and the Government. This support is waning and some hopeful glimmers from Labour and Keir Starmer, may change the political dynamic. Corbyn acted as a vice on sensible professional politics. The first PMQs since lockdown was a breath of fresh air with forensic questioning from the Leader of the Opposition.

What now? Johnson has ruled out an early end to the lockdown. Good. There has been a notable change in mood, with signs that the consensual self-imposed lockdown is beginning to break down. Traffic levels have started increasing and businesses have started reopening. The problem is that we all really need to trust our government and this is a challenge after the last few years. We have all been on hold to wait for Johnson to help give us direction. Apart from not ending the lockdown, there appears to be just more of the same. This may not be enough to keep us all together.

Back in the UK 19/04/2016

Posted by chrisdshaw in Domestic Politics, Economics, Geopolitics, Human mobility, United States.
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After a six year break I have decided to resume blogging, commenting, opining on Brave New World. Since I stop my regular posts in early 2010 I have got married, moved abroad, had two beautiful daughters, set up and run a business in the wilds of southern Louisiana, and experienced a culture few Europeans are privileged to enjoy . While much of our experiences have been challenging, we have had rewarding and magical experience.

The blog was originally intended to focus primarily on global macro-economic concerns, which were uppermost in people’s minds following the 2008 financial crisis. The slow and weak economic recovery in the developed world, helped by a lopsided and unsustainable policy response benefitting a small percentage of the population at the expense of the rest, means that economic policy will continue to be an important focus of attention on this site.

However, I would like to widen the scope of discussion to include;

  1. Domestic politics around the world, particularly with regard to the disenchantment with the political establishment and the resulting rise of populism, the rise of geopolitical instability
  2. Rising geopolitical instability, led by the decline in US prestige and world influence and the increasingly aggressive stances by Middle East actors and China and Russia
  3. Decline in media standards and the effects on discourse
  4. The growth in human mobility and its effects- economic and political refugees-causes and effects

If all that sounds too bleak I apologise.  I promise to include a focus on hope for the world and humanity. We owe it to our children to keep working to improve our situation, even it- at times like these- the world appears to have lost its head. I’ll also be giving my views on living and working in southern Louisiana and New Orleans, The Crescent City. I love that place- warts and all!

Back soon….